About Vision

Why choose Vision Management?

You should choose Vision Management as your consultancy partner because we are different and we like to be different.
We make an effort to provide solutions that add value for your business. We do this by taking on the challenge.

We challenge our clients...

…on their requirements for their system when we know that it could be done better or standardised.

We confront our clients...

…with the fact that changes to SAP standards can be expensive if systems are developed or upgraded at a later stage.

We advise our clients...

…to focus on flexible and effective support of key core processes.

We strive ...

…to equip our clients’ employees to understand, operate and support the processes so that they do not need the help of a consultant to use the system in the future.

We base our consultancy on...

…technical parameters and we do not consider whether other solutions may give us or others more business.

Vision Management is an independent IT consultancy firm with core skills in SAP Business Suite.

We provide expert support in business intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). It is essential to our success that we provide quality services and help add value for our clients. Consequently, it is important to us to take on talented and experience employees who have a passion for working with SAP. We have a team of professional SAP consultants, including in-house solution architects and an external resource team, who channel their expertise and enthusiasm into solving the most complicated tasks, designing SAP solutions of a high standard and providing impartial advice on SAP Business Suite. And it does not have to take long or cost the earth.

Why choose us?

We provide a range of services, from minor support tasks to long-term projects and training of SAP users. We apply specific best practice methods to all of our SAP projects. The quality of our services is important to us. Therefore, we differentiate our services and activities together with our clients by involving you in the process. We provide our clients with SAP core skills, support, help with implementation and objective evaluation of the latest SAP technology.

You are very welcome to contact us for more information about how we can cooperate.


Contact us

At Vision Management A / S, we are always open to help.   We have extensive experience with solution architecture, design and consulting of SAP solutions.

The story behind Vision Management A/S

Vision Management A/S was founded in 1988. Consequently, we have many years of experience with financial management systems.
Originally, Vision Management A/S offered courses and consultancy in management, organisation and administration. Naturally, when providing advice on administration, we worked with the financial management systems prevalent in the business sector at the time.

In 1993, we were asked to act as a business consultant in connection with implementation of a SAP ERP system. As a result, a number of our consultants began to work with SAP R/3. In order to acquire more knowledge of the system, we chose to allow our consultants to become SAP-certified.

Since then, the company’s activities have focused increasingly on SAP consultancy and implementation, and today we concentrate on consultancy, Project management, Support and training in SAP Business Suite.

Due to the fact that Vision Management A/S originally offered business consultancy and not merely IT services, our consultancy focuses particularly on the business process, business requirements and, not least, management requirements.

You are very welcome to contact us for more information about how we can cooperate.