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Overview and Insight with SAP BW4 / HANA

With SAP Business Intelligence, you avoid the guesswork. Instead, you can make decisions based on your company’s actual data, ensuring you the best results. For example, you can get an invaluable insight into the behavior of your customers, as well as having access to a real time solution that lets you mix data, make reports, and create dashboards or other visualizations of complex material. This allows you to quickly and easily create an overview of your company’s data.

Integrated Business Intelligence and SAP BPC

In SAP S/4, Business Intelligence is also an integral part of the ERP system, which forms the basis of cross-reference reporting and budgeting. This means that the analysis you need now is created directly with your data in accounting, production, sales and inventory. This provides a unique opportunity to support business decisions with accurate and thorough resource analysis.

Are you ready to get smarter?

Vision Management has extensive expertise in optimal setup and consulting within SAP BI. Therefore, we are confident we can help you make the right choices and create the optimal solution for your data management and analysis. Vision Management has a large number of consultants with more than 20 years of experience in SAP Business Intelligence, including SAP BW4 / HANA project experience. Vision Management will therefore be able to provide the proper guidance and implementation from the start.

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At Vision Management, we are ready to help you adjust quickly to the future. You can utilize SAP Business Intelligence when you want to analyze your company’s strengths and weaknesses – and identify new opportunities for optimization of your business.