SAP consultant team

Vision Management A/S has some of the country’s most talented SAP consultants.

Ellen Steen-Petersen

Principal Consultant, ERP

Ellen is a very experienced SAP consultant with extensive experience within solution design, advisory, planning, pilot test, roll-outs, structuring and implementation of complex IT solutions – primary within cross application processes, and within the areas FI, CO, PS, SD, MM, EC, HR CATS and QM.

She has worked with SAP since 1994.
There are no doubts that she can solve even the most complex task and at the same time achieve a well structure result.

The consultant will always focus on achieving the most optimal solution for the customer – and will act as a well qualified sparring partner, based on a business view on problems and processes.

The consultant has participated in numerous projects as SAP solution architect, advisor, team lead and project manager.
She is often used for ad hoc consulting and reviews, or during business blueprint phase for establishing a optimal solution design..

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Kristina Zeemann

Partner & Head of Public Sector and Sourcing

Kristina Zeemann has been responsible for Vision Management A/S overall customer relations, project coordination and resource allocation, contracts and the daily operations since 2009.

Kristina has a background as a lawyer and a FI/CO consultant and her experience ensures that all incoming assignments and projects are being handled thoroughly throughout the whole project cycle.

Kristina ensured that Vision Management A/S obtained the ISO9001 certification thus ensuring compliance with the most advanced security standards possible for an IT consulting business.

In june 2016 Kristina took the role as a CEO at Vision Management A/S as the next generation in her family and is eager to continue building excellent SAP solutions for her clients.

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Morten Elle

SAP solution architect

Morten has worked with SAP for 17 years, of these 14 as a consultant and solution architect. The primary working areas are CO and FI. In the roll as solution architect, furthermore he has worked with counseling and solution design within PS, SD, BI, BI-BPS and Public Sector Funds Management.

Besides Morten has taught on a wide range of standard and company adjusted courses.

With his wide background and detailed knowledge within several SAP aaplications it is ideal to use Morten as solution architect to guarantee quality for an overall solution design at the same time as the details in the solution is carefully thought through.

The combination of his retail knowledge and comprehensive view makes it more certain that all the customers’ demands are fulfilled, the SAP solution becomes a reasonable weighing of complexity and flexibility and that there are as few surprises as possible later in the project.

Morten has an extensive experience within teaching and presentation and can further-more design and implement SAP solutions and secure delivery and transfer of the ownership on the customer’s SAP solution.

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Peter Lundhus

SAP solution architect

Peter is a SAP logistics architect with strong experience across all the core modules PS, SD, PM, SM, MM, FI, CO and the integrations.

He has a background coming out of the overall PLM processes and has expansive experiences across many industries in relation to SAP implementations and business processes.

Consumer Industrial Products, Engineering, Utility industry, Oil industry, Media, Public Sector and Shipping.

Peter has a flexible and effective nature. Often enjoying the respect of both the client and the client staff and has acquired strong Project and team management skills.

Peters preferred way of working carries the nature and focus on thoroughness and is more biased on getting it right in the long run, with as low effort at possible. Rather than seeking, the quick wins. He has a strong stress resistance and carries a good deal of patience.

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Johnny Kvistholm

SAP solution architect, project manager

Experienced solution architect (17+ years SAP experience).

Johnny is a very competent SAP consultant, who has participated in about 40 small and large SAP-projects within the areas BI, SEM (BCS, BPS), BPC, FI, CO, EC, MM and PM.

Due to his participation in the SAP projects he has acquired a deep experience within design, consultancy, planning, implementation, testing and roll-out of complex IT solutions.

Johnny has worked with SAP since 1998 and has filled different rolls such as SAP senior consultant, counselor, solution architect, team lead and project leader. Furthermore he is very used in connection with ad-hoc counseling of customers and in offer preparation as solution design consultant.

His focus has always been focused towards both technical and businesslike integration points, which also makes him exceedingly suited as solution architect and/or project manager.

There is no doubt that Johnny can solve the most complex assignments and at the same time manage a structured result. He is always working on producing the most optimal solution for the customer and appears as an extremely qualified sparring partner – also in highly complicated questions.

He is likewise social competent, and has a strong businesslike understanding, which can be used with advantage in virtually all industries.

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Kim-Allan Jensen

SAP solution architect

Kim-Allan has 13 years of SAP Basis/Database Administration and Netweaver experience. He is certified as a SAP NetWeaver development consultant, Technology Consultant SAP NetWeaver – Web AS 6.40 Implementation & Operation for Oracle Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management, ITIL.

Kim-Allan has worked on a variety of SAP and databases technologies, including SAP components XI/PO, SRM, Solution Manager BW/BI, Business Objects, APO with SAPDB Live cache, Enterprise Portals, Wily Introscope and Solution Manager Diagnostic. These products have been implemented on SAP Web AS platforms, installed either on AIX, HP-UX or Windows operating system and Oracle, SQL or DB2.

As a person, Kim-Allan is good at forming an overview of very complex tasks and has great technical understanding. As a person, he is welcoming and flexible and communicates effortlessly with people of all levels. He is dedicated to the task and receive the best recommendations from his references.

Kim Allan has worked both for outsourcing companies, as well as customers who have their SAP installation internally. Through this, Kim-Allan has had contact with both Indian and Chinese colleagues.

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Mette Stig-Nielsen

SAP solution architect

Mette is a very competent SAP consultant with very long experience within design, counselling, planning pilot test, roll out, structuring, integration and implementation of complex IT solutions – this has primary been within FI, CO.

She has been working with SAP since 1994. There is no doubt, that she can solve the most complex tasks and still reach a structured result. Mette always works towards finding the most optimal solution for the client and always appears as a very qualified sparring partner – also in very complex matters.

She has participated is many various projects as SAP senior consultant and counsellor. Furthermore she has been very used in connection to ad-hoc counselling of clients as well as in offer work as a solution design consultant.

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Jakob Steen-Petersen

SAP solution architect

Jakob is an extraordinary competent collaborator with the technical area as his specialty. By virtue of his year long experience – Jakob has been working with SAP since 1998 – he has a broad knowledge of all SAP’s product portfolio.

For many years Jakob has been working with SAP development within ERP Core. Beyond this he has many years of experience within the basic part – i.e. installation, operation and maintainance – of SAP systems.

Based on his wide experience he is often used as an overall solution architect and sparring partner among overall strategically decisions concerning the customers SAP solutions.

Jakob can thus assist the customer wide from the design phase of a project and all the way through to the realization phase of same.

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Daniel Graversen

SAP solution architect

Daniel is an SAP Mentor, recognized by SAP as an active participant in the community. He is one of the most active participants in the SAP community to help improve the product and services of SAP. He has been blogging about how to use SAP PI and has been really active in the documentation part of PI.

Daniel is an integration consultant. He has been working with SAP XI 3.0, PI (Process Integration) 7.0, 7.1, 7.11, 7.3 for over seven years. He has been involved in 20 projects/ clients, working with most of platform tools. He has gained a reputation from his colleagues for being able to solve problems occurred on the XI/PI system.

Besides XI/PI he have also worked with other Netweaver technologies; ABAP (which is necessary on most projects, to enhance the integration capabilities of SAP ERP), portal, Web Dynpro for Java, CAF, J2EE and CCMS.

He is a master of engineering and hold bachelor in Processes and Controlling. Before the SAP experience Daniel has worked with IT security and Java development.

Daniel blogs on SAP Developer Network (SDN) about some of his integration experience. He has also created the PI documentation tool, to make it easier to document mappings.

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Allan Wright

SAP solution architect

Allan Wright is an experienced SAP consultant having worked with SAP since 1994.

Allan has participated in several long term projects as a SAP Senior Consultant, advisor and project manager, primarily within FI/CO financial management and accounting in large public corporations.

One of Allan’s core traits is his ability to understand the business as a whole when it comes to define and challenge the clients’ requirements, due to his previous career as a chief financial accountant in a government agency.

Michael Nielsen

SAP solution architect

Michael Nielsen has extensive knowledge and more than 30 years of practical experience with implementing IT security. He has been responsible for implementing SAP R/3 control and security at a large number of Danish and Nordic companies. This includes the implementation of role-based access administration, which simultaneously creates and maintains users and roles on different IT platforms. At Arthur Andersen, PwC, IBM, MNSecurity and most recently at Deloitte, Michael has managed a Nordic team of control and security specialists. Michael also teaches IT control and security for SAP Denmark. Michael Nielsen has been responsible for developing global audit methods and tools. This includes being responsible for developing the SoD tool, Beacon. Michael also has general experience as a project manager for a number of major IT security projects. Most of the projects have been related to SAP. Michael also has management experience from 11 years of tenure as an officer in the Danish Air Force, and for six of those years he was responsible for IT operations in the Danish Defence Data Service.

Jens Nissen

SAP solution architect

With more than 16 years of SAP experience in R/3 and BW, Jens can offer standard solutions as well as customized systems. He very much challenges line of business on what they want implemented. At the same time, he has business knowledge which means, that Jens can also offer business solutions that you perhaps had not thought of.
Jens has a very deep technical understanding of how SAP works – partly on how the individual modules in R/3 works individually and interactively, and partly on how BW should be set up to get a reliable, performance optimized and stable system. The best solution in BW is often related to how data is generated in R/3. Jens has many years of experience in both areas – an experience he combines to make optimal use of SAP for the benefit of business, as well as those who operate the systems. Solutions must not only be successfully implemented, they also need maintenance and operation. Implementations must take this into account. Jens has developed programs in BW that helps to facilitate and ensure the work of implementing an optimal solution and programs that have been sold through SAP DK.

Jacob Siegumfeldt

SAP solution architect

Jacob has more than 15 years of experience in implementing SAP R/3 in Danish companies. At first he was ABAP Developer and Basis Consultant. Later he was Solution Architect, Project Manager, Business Consultant and Group Leader in the SD module with integration with MM, FI and BW.

Jacob always tries to keep a 360 degrees perspective. Always tries to define and understand the goals of a project based on the project objective and the stakeholder’s positions. Understands both the business and the technique. Often leading to address cross-functional issues when business processes crosses several module areas.

Able to distinguish between essential and nonessential problems and can argue for his own case. He always gains great respect through professionalism and through a direct and extrovert style.

Good to create an overview and break down a complex project into smaller tasks. Has a good understanding for the critical path of the project and the significant issues.

Bulgarian consultants

Bilyana Igneva

SAP consultant

The consultant has SAP SD experience since 2006. She is a well-liked and competent colleague who is respected by customers and colleagues.

The consultant has worked with configuration of: Orders, Copy controls, Item Categories, Output determination, Text determination, Partner determination, Pricing, Billing, Electronic Invoice, Intercompany EDI, RRB, MM Basic, MM Account determination

The consultant also has a wide knowledge in areas: LO-VC, Variant pricing, IDoc Processing, ALE, SAP views/queries, SCAT, SAPGUI scripts, Smartforms, Adobe forms

Hara Prasanna Parida

SAP consultant

Proficient ABAP developer with experience in SAP products area since 2004 and overall IT professional experience since 2000.

The consultant participated in many national and international projects as ABAP developer and Technical Lead.

He has designed and realized integrated technical solutions in SD, MM, PS, PM, CS, BW, FI, FI-CA, FI-AA, IS-CCS and proactively solved many complicated and challenging issues.

He has knowledge of Netweaver webdynpro in Java and abap, MDM , PI, CRM Web Client UI Framework ,HANA and conceptual knowledge of TM. He worked on EAI integration(Interface) with IDOC, webservice using RFC and BAPI.

Daniela Davidova

SAP consultant

The Consultant has worked with SAP since 2005 and participated in many projects including full SAP implementations. She can without doubt solve very complex assignments and at the same time deliver on time, well-structured work.

She is experienced with configuration in Logistics modules and has also configured parts in PP, FI, CO modules related to reports and integration points. As a good consultant, she understands the importance to know the main aspects of other modules to co-operate well with colleagues and for successful system implementation.

Daniela is as a person always very responsible, well organized and works hard. She is highly respected by her co-workers for her willingness to help.

Diliana Kostova Djamiarova-Borisova

SAP consultant

The consultant has SAP SD experience since 2010.

The consultant has a wide knowledge in these areas: SD Configuration, Enterprise structures, Sales documents, Copy controls, Item Categories, Output determination, Text determination, Pricing, Billing, PS configuration, implementation, Validations / substitutions, DIP Profiles, Resource Related Billing, Intercompany RRB Interfaces, mapping.

The consult also has a lot of experience in Transportation Management (TM) – proof of concept.

Diliana spent 12 years in Textile industry and 10 years as production / logistics manager.

Gergana Yankova

SAP consultant

The consultant has worked with SAP SD since 2010.

Mostly SAP OtC customizing where the consultant has worked with sales and distribution, pricing, billing, copy controls, item categories, output determination, text determination, Resource related billing, Intercompany Resource related billing, SAP views/queries, SD related processes, Interfaces, mapping, SAPGUI scripts.

Also, more than 15 years’ experience in project management, team management, project development, financial management, reporting, project monitoring and evaluation, presentation and training.

Ivanichka Veselinova Dimitrova

SAP consultant

The consultant has SAP FI experience since 2007.

Financial Accounting Global Settings; General Ledgers; New General Ledger; Accounts Receivable; Accounts Payable; Asset Management; Payment processing; Electronic Bank Statement; Master Data; Taxes; Extended Withholding tax; Cash Management; Integration between FI and other modules; Sales order processing; Billing; HR mini master settings; General Controlling Settings; Substritions and Validations; RRICB; PS; Localizations.

Martin Kostov

SAP consultant

Martin is a highly qualified SAP professional in ABAP and CRM area.

Developer has bachelor degree in Computer Sciences at Technical University – Sofia.

Martin has participated in numerous projects as lead developer and team lead. Furthermore, he is frequently used for ad hoc problem solving regarding complicated issues and review of proposed solutions.

Peter Philev

SAP consultant

Over 8 years of extensive experience in the following areas: SAP OtC: Roll-out, implementation and support, system upgrade projects, master data maintenance, customizing, design and implementation of new functionalities. Development and delivery of BBP, functional and technical specifications as well as project scope documents, business process design and configuration. Extensive skills in collaboration and communication with the business.

Wide knowledge and Experience in: SD related processes, MM, SAP OtC, SAP CRM, Invoice verification, Self-Billing/ERS /, FI – integration points, User-management and Authorizations, Basis, SAP NetWeaver portal, Solution Manager, Customer and material master maintenance, LSMW mass maintenance, SAP mass processing of outputs, views/queries, functional and daily support.

The consultant also has 17 years of experience as a freelance consultant in project management, performance monitoring and evaluation; database compilations; implementation of Common Assessment Framework (CAF); information research and analysis; organizational needs analysis, capacity-building and development; preparation of training packages and events; special event management; policymaking at local, central and international level, linguistic service and desktop publishing.

Stanislav Dobrenov

SAP consultant

The consultant has SAP ABAP experience since 2006.

Good working experience and knowledge of different SAP modules like MM, SD, FI/CO.

The consultant also has a deep knowledge in different development areas of ABAP.

Plenty of experience of both inbound and outbound interfaces using ALE/Idoc and BAPIs as well as Workflow.

Stanislav has a deep understanding of data dictionary elements. Vast experience in enhancements including BADins, BTEs and user-exits.ALV and conventional ABAP/4 Reports.

Teodora Popova

SAP consultant

The Consultant has SAP MM and SAP SD experience since 2000.

Core Competence with SD, Varianr configuration.
Customizing experience in SD, MM.

Also familiar with: LSMW, PS, SM, Idoc processing, SAP views/queries, SAPGUI scripts, SCAT, ALE, SOLMAN, ABAP, BW, Team Management, Conversion – data validation and transformation, Training development and delivery, Excel Visual Basic Macros to facilitate data, Workshops development and delivery

Velislava Genadieva

SAP consultant

The consultant has SAP OtC experience since 2008.

The consultant has a lot of experience in SD customizing: Enterprise structures, SD Orders, Copy controls, Item Categories, Pricing, Account assignment, Output determination, Text determination, Billing

The consultant has a wide knowledge in areas: SD related processes, Integration to FI/CO – Account assignment, IDoc Processing, LSMW creation and data conversion, SCAT, ALE, SAP views/queries, SAPGUI scripts, CRM Accounts and Contacts