SAP Consultancy

Vision Management specialises in SAP consultancy of the very highest standard, focusing on business consultancy in our expert areas.

We advise on:

SAP solution architecture

Functional and technical SAP specifications

Review of SAP deliveries and solutions

Our core competencies

SAP Finance

SAP Business Intelligence

SAP Logistics

SAP technical

SAP Project management

SAP solution architecture

Solution architecture is consultancy which ensures that all corners of your business have been taken into account and that all parts of the wide variety of integrated SAP modules have been considered.

Solution architects are consultants who ensure correlation and integration. Solution architects have in-depth understanding of business processes and broad knowledge of all application areas.

Consequently, they are able to focus on communication between the business and the various specialists. 75% of our consultants are solution architects and all have over 10 years of experience in numerous SAP modules and practical experience of a variety of industries.

Therefore, our solution architects are able to provide you with highly qualified consultancy, from the very first visit.

Functional and technical SAP specifications

Our consultants can help you design functional and technical specifications for use when you implement SAP solutions. Vision Management can help you describe a solution that takes into account all scenarios in the business and in the SAP system. This will ensure that the solution is correctly described before your company begins SAP implementation.

Review of SAP deliveries and solutions

We take great pride in our role as an objective consulting firm and, with this as our foundation, we provide consultancy during and after the implementation of a SAP solution.

We assess whether the solution is optimal for your business and exploits the potential of the SAP systems to the full. We know that SAP has more than one correct solution, but each can have different advantages and disadvantages. We make it a priority to inform you of all of the benefits and drawbacks before you choose your solution.

You are very welcome to contact us for more information about how we can provide you with SAP consultancy.