SAP Standardards

SAP is a standard framework.

As such, SAP provides a range of standard processes which can be varied and controlled by configuration (customisation).

When we customise processes, we use the system’s standard functionality. If standard SAP is used, we ensure

that a system can be upgraded with future releases or enhancement packages at limited expense

that we do not restrict or prevent the use of new modules or functions

that support is cheaper and more effective, since it is easier to support the system

that it is easy to select a different supplier in the future, since the set-up is transparent and can be maintained and further developed by consultants other than those who set up the system.

The alternative to customising is to specially develop the system by programming it in-house and modifying the standard SAP software, which can cause greater damage.

It is not possible to complete a project without some form of programming: There may be interfaces to other systems and these will need to be programmed. However, the aim ought to be to limit any in-house development as much as possible.

Consequently, we consider it our main task to help a company make this their goal. We also help identify solutions that adhere to the standard, based on our in-depth knowledge of the broad selection of options that are actually available if we think creatively and – not least – by challenging the company to consider whether the special requirements really are critical or whether they are simply due to old habits.